The historic Quinta do Ataíde consists of beautiful organically certified vineyards and olive groves situated on unusually flat land in the Vilariça Valley.

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Quinta do Ataíde

The Vilariça Valley was formed by the parting of the Iberian tectonic plates, creating a flat basin flanked by granite escarpments. In contrast with most of the Douro, the Ataíde soil consists of loam and schist, with neutral Ph and the vineyard is drier and hotter than most of the rest of the valley. As a result, the Quinta benefits from unique conditions for viticulture and a terroir not found elsewhere in the Douro region.

The Quinta was the site of the rebirth of the now-iconic Touriga Nacional in the 1970s when Miguel Côrte-Real grafted cuttings from pre-WW2 vines. The Ataíde vineyard is fully organic. The dry growing season limits the growth of competing vegetation and reduces the risk of vine and grape damage. No herbicides are used and wild grasses are controlled with the use of handheld strimmers and tractor mowers.

As a result of these growing conditions and terrain, the Quinta do Ataíde Estate Wines are a very specific expression of a Douro DOC wine and our indigenous grape varieties. We produce two wines from the property, the Quinta do Ataíde estate wine and Vinha do Arco, made entirely from Touriga Nacional. Both wines are made in our specialist winery and aged in French oak barrels for 10-12 months.

The Quinta do Ataíde estate wine is produced from a Douro blend in which the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca stand out. It is a surprisingly fresh and structured wine that reflects the Vilariça terroir and its specific climatic conditions.

The Vinha do Arco is named after the mature Touriga Nacional vineyard from which it is entirely sourced. It is a distinctive wine with high ageing potential, pleasing citrus notes and hints of violets, reflecting the character of this famous grape variety and this particular vineyard.