Code of ethics

We have a written code of ethics that is a core part of the induction of every new team member who joins our company. Our code of ethics outlines our shared commitment to standards of fairness, respect, diversity, anti-bullying, equal opportunities, transparency, safety at work and non-corruption. These standards of behaviour inform our interactions with our teams, our suppliers and our customers.

Long-term investment

Unlike many public companies or those with demanding external investors, our united family ownership allows for a long-term vision and ambitious reinvestments. We have consistently reinvested company profits into the acquisition of prime vineyards, reinforcing our commitment to our regions and our belief in a positive future for our wines. Every year we replant an average of 27 hectares of vineyard and make sizeable investments in the upkeep of our stone wall terraces and traditional tiled roofs on our lodges and wineries.

Non-Executive Director

Our Family Board has a Non-Executive Director whose role is to provide technical/professional expertise, particularly regarding the long-term company strategy. This position is not filled by someone who holds an executive position in the company management nor by a shareholder. Our objective is to benefit from impartial, experienced advice from an independent individual who can aid the company in its goals of economic, social and environmental sustainability and responsible governance.

Risk Management

We have engaged external consultants, AON Global Risk Consulting, to map our company's primary risks and possible consequences and to suggest opportunities to mitigate the risks and optimise our resources accordingly. We use a risk management software to monitor our risk exposure and respond appropriately.


We maintain our systems and processes to the highest national and international standards. We have several certifications in quality, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance, as well as minimum intervention protocols and organic grape production. These include: ISO9001: 2015; ISO 14001: 2015; BRC Global Standard for Food Safety-Issue 8, and OHSAS 18001: 2007. We were also rigorously assessed by the Royal Warrant Holders Association for our environmental and sustainability policy and action plan as part of Graham's Port receiving the Royal Warrant from the British Royal Family.

Customer audits

We are regularly audited by our customers in the areas of quality, food safety, environment, work safety and ethics. We operate to standards of excellence and aim to achieve the highest scores on every criteria. We collaborate closely with our customers on new requirements and are constantly optimising our procedures for efficiency, quality and to improve our social and environmental impact throughout our supply chain.

Supplier audits

We conduct regular quality and ethical audits of our suppliers to ensure they conform to our high standards. We run an annual supplier conference aimed at problem-solving specific issues and sharing knowledge between companies operating in similar areas. We collaborate with our suppliers on issues related to the environmental impact of our materials and their delivery.

ADVID Membership

We are founding members of ADVID (the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region). ADVID is a not-for-profit R&D organisation that runs investigations across a series of strategic themes aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the wine economy in the Douro. Themes include understanding the impact of climate change, increasing the functional biodiversity in vineyards, preserving indigenous grape varieties, promoting sustainable viticulture, and improving the construction of new terraces.

Family management

Multiple members of the 4th and 5th generation of Symingtons in Porto work in our family business, ensuring continuity of culture, values, and know-how from generation to generation. The strong overlap between shareholders and management makes for a united team, efficient decision-making, and a stable business with long-term vision. We are firm believers that family businesses are excellent vehicles for building sustainable economic, social and environmental value that stands the test of time and benefits the wider community.

Mission, Vision & Values

In 2018 we refreshed our company Mission, Vision and Values to better reflect the impact we want to have in the 21st century and our commitment to our region and its people. Our updated mission reinforces our commitment to produce exceptional ports and wines that celebrate and preserve the uniqueness of Portugal and contribute to a positive future for our region. All our decisions, investments and initiatives are aligned with our vision of passing on a stronger, more sustainable family business than the one that was entrusted to us.

Family Constitution

As the business and the family has grown, the 4th generation of Symingtons working in the company decided to create a Family Constitution, consisting of a set of guidelines relating to the successful management of the family business - including the purpose of the company, the role of management, the role of the shareholders, and succession planning policies. This document is designed to guide the family through the coming years, helping to continue the tradition of stability, harmony and unity that has served us well in the past.