Smart technologies

We use a variety of tools to manage our installations and buildings. We have installed movement sensors on lights to avoid unnecessary energy usage when a space is not occupied. We use Kisense, an integrated software solution that allows us to monitor our energy usage in real-time, with a variety of metrics that help us to reduce energy consumption.

New winery project

We are building a new winery at Quinta do Ataíde. The building is designed to be low impact. Natural materials will be used as far as possible and the design will blend into the landscape. It will be energy-efficient, using renewable power to generate much of its own energy needs. The winery layout will be designed to maximise the amount of wine transfers that can be achieved through gravity.

Solar Thermal heating

We have installed solar thermal panels for heating water at the following properties: Quinta do Bomfim, Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Vesúvio. These panels allow us to reduce our energy usage, providing us with free hot water directly from the sun, and cover the needs of both the houses and all staff quarters.