One of the oldest and finest estates in the entire Douro region, Quinta do Retiro is named in the original demarcation of the Douro in 1756. Its historic 18th century terraced vineyards, supported by hand-built drystone walls are some of the most impressive to be seen in the Douro.

Retiro has a long association with our family. The property was purchased in 1935 by a respected local producer, João Serôdio, a long-time friend of Andrew James Symington to whom he always sold the quinta’s wines as a fundamental component of Warre’s Vintage Ports. In 2006, the Serôdio family sold the vineyard to the Symingtons.

Retiro is set in the Rio Torto area, which has one of the highest concentrations of top-flight estates in the Douro. The vineyard has some of the oldest vines of any of our properties; the old, mixed vines have as many as 40 different varieties in this field blend and are between 80 and 100 years old. Yields are tiny, rarely above half a kilogram per vine, and they add an extra dimension to the Warre’s Vintage Ports.

Vineyard details

  • Total area 40.7 hectares
  • Vineyard area 22 hectares
  • Principal grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Old mixed vines, Touriga Franca
  • Vineyard aspect East and north-east
  • Altitude range 81 — 276 metres
  • Supplies Warre's Port