Our mission

To produce exceptional ports and wines that celebrate and preserve the uniqueness of Portugal and contribute to a positive future for the regions where we work.

Our vision

We are committed to passing on a stronger, more sustainable family wine company than the one that was entrusted to us.

Our values

We care for our people, our farmers, our suppliers and our customers. We treat all people equally.
We are passionate about our work, our products and our regions and we take pride in all that we do.
We are dedicated to being the best in all areas of our activity, constantly learning, improving and innovating.
We work to protect and conserve our cultural, social and environmental heritage, taking responsibility for our impact.
We aim to be pioneers in our sector, we act with integrity and we take bold decisions to achieve our goals.

A multi-generational family business

Today the 4th and 5th generation of Symingtons work in our family business, carrying on the tradition started by Andrew James Symington in 1882. We have a long-term mindset, passing on our values, skills and experience from generation to generation, working together with a spirit of mutual respect, loyalty and commitment.