The Alvito vineyard is owned by Paul and Jane Symington, with parcels owned by Paul's siblings Marnie Symington and William Symington. The property is contiguous with Quinta da Cavadinha in the Pinhão Valley, very close to the village of Provezende. Alvito has the highest planted vines of any family or company vineyard (+570 metres). The grapes are vinified in the neighbouring Cavadinha winery, which is virtually on-site.

Vineyard details

  • Total Area 28.1 hectares
  • Vineyard Area 21 hectares
  • Principal Grape Varieties Tinta Barroca, old mixed vines, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz
  • Vineyard Aspect East, south-east
  • Altitude Range 412 - 577 metres
  • Supplies Warre's Port & Symington Douro DOC wines