Quinta da Telhada is the furthest upstream of our Douro quintas, deep inside the Douro Superior, just 25 Km from the Spanish border. In 2006, Quinta da Telhada was amongst the Cockburn’s vineyards purchased by our family.

After we bought the quinta, we recognised the value of the substantial Touriga Nacional plantings, dating from the 1980s. As a result, we decided to dedicate the quinta’s grapes to Warre’s Port, as it was our only Port house without a presence in the Douro Superior at that time.

Vineyard details

  • Total Area 35 hectares
  • Vineyard Area 25.2 hectares
  • Principal Grape Varieties Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca
  • Vineyard Aspect Predominantly south-west and west
  • Altitude Range 104 — 243 metres
  • Supplies Warre's Port