COVID-19 Coronavirus – a message from Johnny Symington


The purpose of this message is to outline how we are responding to the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

Our plan is based on the World Health Organisation’s recommendations, the guidelines published by the health authorities in Portugal and the decisions already taken by local and national governments regarding restricting social interaction to limit the spread of the virus.

Our clear priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, our customers and partners, as well as the wider public. We have implemented a series of on-site measures to reduce the risk of transmission within company facilities and to keep our workers safe. We have adopted a work-from-home policy where it is possible and we have cancelled all external meetings, events and travel. All employees returning from international travel have been asked to self-isolate for the required period.

We are currently operating contingency plans, within the safety measures we have established, to keep our critical business processes functioning through this challenging time. However, we are prepared for a scenario where we may need to cease operations temporarily. If this materialises, we are making preparations to minimise disruption to our customers. We will endeavour to keep our business operating, but our overriding priority is to act responsibly to prevent the spread of this disease.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the Graham’s, Cockburn’s and Quinta do Bomfim visitor centres, as well as Vinum restaurant, were closed on Saturday 14th March and will remain so until further notice.

We believe that these measures will contribute to a slower spread of the virus as well as a swifter return to normal life.

If and when the situation changes we will update this page.

Thank you for your understanding.

Johnny Symington 

Chairman – Symington Family Estates

Posted on Monday 16th March 2020

Published 2020-03-16
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