We have a comprehensive sustainability strategy with ambitious initiatives and objectives aimed at contributing to the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the regions where we work.

We have a cross-company team consisting of four working groups working on sustainability projects in the following key areas: #1 Viticulture & Biodiversity, #2 Energy, Water & Buildings, #3 Packaging & Waste, #4 Team & Local Community.

We have committed to a series of ambitious goals for 2025. These aim to respond to the climate emergency and the environmental crisis as well as strengthen the positive impact we have on the communities where we work.

Goal #1Renewable energy

100% electricity from certified renewable energy sources. 20% generated in-house.

Goal #2Electric vehicles

100% of new passenger vehicle purchases, by 2025, will be electric or hybrid.

Goal #3Carbon emissions

35% reduction in CO2 emissions per litre of wine bottled (between 2018 and 2025).

Goal #4Energy efficiency

10% reduction in electricity used per litre of wine bottled.

Goal #5Water efficiency

10% reduction in water used in winery & bottling per litre of wine bottled.

Goal #6Biodiversity support

Support major ecosystem restoration / reforestation project in Portugal.

Goal #7Low-impact winery

Gold LEED (sustainable building) certification for our new winery.

Goal #8Volunteering scheme

80% uptake of new employee volunteering programme.

Goal #9Impact fund

Launch new Symington social & environmental impact fund.

Goal #10B Corp certification

Achieve certification for highest standards of social & environmental performance.
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