Social & Environmental Responsibility

As a multi-generational family company we naturally think and plan long-term. As wine producers we are very dependent on a stable climate and a healthy ecosystem. As a business we rely on our employees and hundreds of farmers and regional suppliers.

Care for people and our region has always been a priority for our family. We can only produce exceptional ports and wines if our environment and the communities we work with are healthy, sustainable and resilient. We are very aware of the serious risks that climate change and environmental degradation pose to our business and to the people in the regions where we operate. 

We have a longstanding policy of supporting a range of social, cultural and environmental initiatives in our region and we been conducting research into the effects of climate change in our vineyards and developing adaptation strategies since before 2005.

Abnormal weather is already having an impact in our vineyards and without rapid global emissions reductions, things will worsen. Although the required changes need strong political leadership, we believe that individuals and organisations have a responsibility to respond constructively in their areas of activity and add their voices to the demands for faster and more ambitious action.

Our Sustainability Strategy

We are committed to playing our part in the transition to a zero carbon future and developing innovative and competitive ways of moving towards an ecological economy that operates within the safe limits of the biosphere.

In 2018 we conducted a review of our environmental and social impact, identified 10 strategic sustainability pillars and formed a new cross-company team with four working groups tasked with identifying and implementing new initiatives in these key areas:

1. Viticulture & Biodiversity
2. Energy, Water & Construction
3. Packaging & Waste
4. Team & Local Community

Each group has a multi-year plan, consisting of a broad range of initiatives, culminating in a series of ambitious goals for 2025. Our regular sustainability reports will track our progress and use international standards to report transparently on our environmental and social impact.

These measures are aimed at ensuring that we have as positive an impact as possible in all areas of our activity, that we proactively respond to the threat of climate change and that we continue to build a strong and resilient company that can cope with future challenges.