Vintage Port Day: Online Masterclasses


On Monday 15th May we will hold our first ever Symington Vintage Port day in Amsterdam. The day will consist of a series of 5 educational masterclasses - each exploring a topic around Vintage Port. All classes will be available to watch live, online.
Program Monday 15.05 • Online Vintage Classes
All times are UTC/GMT +2 (Central European Summer Time)
Vintage Class 1: "Douro Terroir x Quinta Vintage Port "
10h30 - 11h15
with Harry Symington - Euan M. Mackay - Axel Probst
What to expect in this Vintage Class?
Discover the difference between Quinta & Classic Vintage Port, the role of terroir in the Douro and what cuts the decision on what Vintage Ports we bottle? In this live masterclass, you'll see us do a horizontal tasting of the Symington 2005 Vintage Ports.
Vintage Class 2: "Sustainability x Indigenous Douro Grapes"
11h20 - 12h05
with Charles Symington - Filipe Pinto da Silva - Frank Jacobs
What to expect in this Vintage Class?
Symington's grape variety libraries & insights will be shared from the R&D team. In the live Vintage Class 2 we'll be engaging in a tasting of unblended single varietals (Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão, Alicante Bouschet and more).
Vintage Class 3: "Foot Treading x Quinta do Vesúvio "
12h10 - 12h55
with Charles Symington - Rosalie Lammers - Olaf Kerstens
What to expect in this Vintage Class?
Introduction to the Vesúvio estate and traditional foot treading. In the live Vintage Class we are tasting and discussing 3 Vesúvio references, inclusidng Vesúvio 1998 Vintage Port, and discussing the heritage and future of Symington Family Estates.
Vintage Class 4: "Micro-terroir Vintage Port x The Stone Terraces"
14h00 - 14h40
with Charles Symington - Harry Symington - Peter Van Houtert
What to expect in this Vintage Class?
We'll take you through an overview of the 2021 viticultural year, our assessment of the wines and what weighs in on the decision of what to bottle. You'll be able to watch a presentation of 2021 Graham's The Stone Terraces and a vertical tasting of all vintages of The Stone Terraces (2021, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2011).
Vintage Class 5: "Vintage Port in the on-trade"
14h50 - 15h40
with Filipe Pinto da Silva - Eric Boschman
What to expect in this Vintage Class?
Presentation of Vintage Port specifically for an on-trade environment. How to present, pair and serve to customers and what tools we can use to reach out to the trade. You will watch a horizontal tasting of Dow's, Graham's and Warre's 1994 and 2003 Vintage Ports, as well as a Port Tongs demonstration with Eric Boschman.
Published 2023-05-12
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