SFE Partnership with Pipadouro: Experience the Douro in a different way


We’re happy to be partnering with Pipadouro to offer the magic of our properties from a new point of view – navigating through the waters of the Douro River.


Pipadouro Experience by Quinta do Bomfim

Sit back and enjoy refreshing welcome drinks and snacks on this two-hour journey along the Douro River with Pipadouro. Upon arrival back at Quinta do Bomfim, a visit and wine tasting will showcase the multi-generational history of the Symington family and their wines. To cap it off, a stunning dinner awaits you at Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos.

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Vintage Lunch by Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos

This one-of-a-kind experience combines the fine dining experience from Michelin-starred Chef Pedro Lemos and his team at Bomfim 1896 with unmatched views while cruising along the Douro River with a dedicated Pipadouro team. Have your lunch aboard the iconic Friendship I, with the added possibility of a pairing menu featuring wines from the Symington family.

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Picnic on the River by Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos

A two-hour journey from Pinhão to the Valeira lock in one of the only Gentleman Vintage Boats from Pipadouro's fleet and accompanied by a picnic prepared by Michelin-starred chef Pedro Lemos and his team on the Bomfim 1896 restaurant.

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Wine With a View

A three-hour journey that passes along six of the most important Quintas in the Douro region, with a guided tasting of six of their wines. Don't miss out on this memorable journey with Pipadouro's passionate and dedicated team!

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Published 2024-03-25
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