An exciting new collaboration between Symington Family Estates and Rewilding Portugal
Supporting environmental conservation on a 120,000 hectare wildlife corridor in the Greater Côa Valley.


Every bottle sold of the Rewilding Edition contributes financial support to Rewilding Portugal’s projects in the north of Portugal.
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Redefining business success

As a B Corporation we are part of a new wave of businesses responding to the social and environmental challenges of our time.

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As well as the Rewilding Edition, we are long-term partners of Rewilding Portugal, providing funding for their core team.

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Rewilding aims to rehabilitate degraded land by restoring natural processes and encouraging the return of keystone species.
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Neophron percnopterus

The smallest of the Portuguese vultures, the Britango is a generalist species and, unlike the vast majority of vultures, in addition to eating rotting meat, it also consumes reptiles, amphibians and insects. Currently classified as “In Danger”, this species has a declining population in Portugal.

Iberian Lynx

Lynx pardinus

Endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, in southern Europe, the Iberian lynx specialises in hunting rabbits. The sharp drop in wild rabbit populations, as a result of two diseases, contributed to the decline of the Iberian lynx. A lynx, especially the youngest animals, wanders across wide areas, extending over 100 km.

Imperial Eagle

Aquila Adalberti

The Iberian imperial eagle is a Critically Endangered species. The problems that most affect this species are the use of poisons, shooting, and electrocution, as well as human activities that disrupt their reproduction period. The population of the Iberian imperial eagle currently has a growing trend.


Equus ferus caballus

The Sorraia horse got its name from the valley of the River Sorraia, in Coruche, where this species was recovered from an animal nucleus. As herbivores, they play a fundamental role in ecosystems, because they help shape the forest, maintaining pastures and open areas.

Red Deer

Cervus elaphus

The red deer almost became extinct in Portugal during the 20th century, but its numbers have been increasing. Although still relatively rare, it is considered an expanding species. Like many deer, the red deer is a social species. For most of the year, males and females form groups separated by sex.

Iberian Wolf

Canis lupus signatus

A subspecies of gray wolf endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, endangered in Portugal. Dwells in packs of 2 to 10 members. According to the latest data, it is estimated that there are only about 300 wolves in Portugal, of which less than 50 live in packs south of the Douro River. 
New exclusive blend
Made from grapes grown in Symington family properties, partially sourced from higher altitude vineyards to produce wines with a fresh, elegant and fruit-driven profile. Three grape varieties define this wine: Touriga Franca, for the fresh, floral aromatics; Tinta Roriz, for the bright, rich red fruit flavours and the Tinta Barroca, for structure, substance and vigour.