Quinta do Vesuvio & Dow's Senhora da Ribeira 2015 Vintage Ports declared

Produced at two of the Douro Superior's most remote vineyards, the Symington family is pleased to announce the release of the Quinta do Vesuvio 2015 and of the Dow's Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira 2015 Vintage Ports. 

The cycle of the vine in the Douro Valley in 2015, between bud-break and veraison, was the hottest and driest of the last three decades, but abundant late autumn rain in 2014, and crucial spring rain, which was unusually more abundant in the Douro Superior than elsewhere in the Douro Valley, sustained the vines during this hot and dry period.

At Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira, the vintage began on the 8th of September, although the finest varieties, namely the Touriga Nacional from the east-facing Vinha Grande and the Touriga Franca from the south-facing Vinha da Pedreira, were only picked towards the end of the month in order to reap the benefit from the heaven-sent rain which fell on September 15th.

At Quinta do Vesuvio, Touriga Nacional from the Vinha Nova and Raposa vineyards began to be picked from the 21st of September, followed by Touriga Franca from the Vale da Teja vineyards, a week later.


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