Graham's Port Lodge

Please note: In order for us to receive all our guests as well as we can, visits to Graham’s 1890 Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia are now by reservation only. 

W & J Graham’s magnificent 1890 Port Lodge is situated in Vila Nova de Gaia across the Douro River from Porto, very close to the river’s south bank. It affords spectacular views of Porto’s historic city centre and the iconic two-tier bridge that connects the twin cities of Porto and Gaia. Visitors to the Graham’s lodge can experience the best of three centuries of craftsmanship and heritage. Tours are available in several languages.

Graham’s is a working Port cellar (lodge) and it is probable that you will hear the sounds of the coopers’ hammers or see the lodgemen collecting wine samples from the barrels for the tasting room.

For complete information visit our Graham's Port Lodge's website.

Prior reservation required

Due to the personal nature of our cellar visits, we can only accept guests with prior reservations. Reservations can be made via the booking form below or by contacting us via email or by telephone and advising us as to how many people will be visiting, your preferred date and time, and the language of your visit.

Reservations are valid only after confirmation.

Tel. (+351) 22 3776490 or 22 3776492 / Email: [email protected]

Please note: On exceptionally busy days and during the high season we may be obliged to offer you an alternative time.

Visiting hours

From April 1st to to October 31st: 09h30 to 18h00 everyday (last visit 17h30).
From November 1st to March 31st: 09h30 to 17h30 everyday (last visit 17h00) except December 25th, January 1st, and 2 days for staff training every year in February (22nd and 23rd in 2017).

Guided tours and tastings:

Available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.

How to get there

By foot: Rua Rei Ramiro, 514 4400-281 Vila Nova de Gaia
By car: Rua do Agro, 
141 4400-281 Vila Nova de Gaia
Coordinates (compatible with Google Maps): 41.138083, -8.624900


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